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Click Here for a discussion about the "why" and "how" of convention pins

swpot.jpg (24270 bytes)

Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp Credits: ??

Note: This pin was made using the layered embossing technique. Directions and other examples are here.

Stamper: Barbara DeLap

Stamp Credits: Kimono from Tin Can Mail, Characters from Curtis Uyeda

Notes: Hardly a convention pin, it's way too beautiful. Barbara made the kimono from Fimo and the black center is shrink plastic.

barbara.jpg (16538 bytes)

faith.jpg (29911 bytes)

Stamper: Faith

Stamp credit: unknown

Stamper: Meridee W.

Stamp Credit: Stamp Camp

Notes: The "Cheetos" inside the bag look to be pieces of Liquid Appliqué. Meridee then laminated over the top to make it look like they are inside the bag.

vayaconcheeto.jpg (23383 bytes)

barbpin.jpg (27763 bytes)

Stamper: Barbara De Lap

Stamp Credits ??

This pin was the hit of the San Mateo convention! It says "I'm sorry, I can't trade pins with you. Mine's holding up my bra strap."

Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp Credits: Words by Toybox, Harried Shopper by Non-Sequitur Stamps

harried.jpg (42490 bytes)

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