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How Addicted Am I?

I have sanded the wood on a stamp because it was dirty.
I have painted my stamps with fingernail polish to prevent them getting ink on them.
I have a room in my house devoted to rubber stamping.
I buy stamps because they're pretty, even if I can't think of a thing I'll do with it at the time of the purchase.
I have been to at least one stamp convention.
I have traveled across state lines to attend a stamp convention.
I have spent over $100 at a stamp store or convention on one day.
I have spent over $400 at a stamp store or convention on one day.
I have lied to hide the fact that I've spent money on stamps (this includes writing the name of the local grocery store in the check register when the check was for stamp purchases).
Most of my friends are stampers.
I have called in sick to work so that I could go stamp shopping with a friend.
I regularly stay up to finish a project knowing that it means I'll only get 5 hours sleep before I have to get up.
I buy stamp accessories because my friends tell me about them, even if I can't remember what I'm supposed to do with them at the time of the purchase.
The employees of my closest stamp store know me by name.
I find it hard to sleep because I am thinking about my current project.
I get up in the middle of the night to work on projects.
I have at least 3 ink pads.  
I have at least 15 stamps.

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