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Rubber Stamping Trivia
(Contributed by Jan Donovan and used here by permission -- thank you, Jan!)
The answers are here

1. Can you tell me the names of the three different men who are credited with the invention of the Rubber Stamp?

2. Can you tell me the dates?
3. Can you tell me the stories involved?

4. Can you tell me who first actually commercialized the making of rubber stamps?

5. What year was the International Stamp Trade Manufacturers Association formed?

6. What radio program for children, sponsored by Kellogg's, wove a mystery around rubber stamps in 1938?

7. Who patented vulcanization of rubber and when did they do this?

8. Can you tell me how a rubber stamp stopped a robbery once?

9. What unusual rubber stamps did a street hawker use in 1912 in Paris to get around the police decree forbidding the dropping of advertising handbills on the streets and sidewalks of Paris?

10. What company has offered rubber stamps as prizes in their food products from time to time?