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Books Stamping Paper Making The Muse

Stained glass card made with Art Institute Glitter
Graciously donated by Laura Atkinson

See below for directions on how to make this card

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Take a transparency and stamp the image in permanent ink.  I've used the Memories and Ranger and like the Ranger better.  These take a while to dry.   Set it aside overnight.  You can also emboss the image onto a transparency if you have the heat resistant transparency (designed for laser printers and copiers).

After it's dry, turn it over and using the Art Institute Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with the fine metal tip on it, apply the glue where you are going to apply the first color of glitter.  Apply the glitter and let it dry for a few minutes before you go onto the next color.  Do all of the opaque colors first and let them dry all the way (you'll be able to tell by turning it over and looking that it it all the way dry, the glue will be clear and all you see is the sparkle of the glitter).

After it is totally dry, use one of the Art Institute transparent glitters (I usually use #85 Crystal) for the open "glass" area. --Laura Atkinson

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