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cranes.jpg (19329 bytes)

Stamper: Christine Cox

Stamp Credits: JudiKins (the symbol means "love")

Notes: This card was created by using soot from a candle. The directions are below. I painted the sealing wax with Perfect Paper Adhesive so that the pigment ink wouldn't rub off.



A candle
Glossy cardstock
A stamp

Light the candle and carefully move the glossy cardstock (glossy side toward the flame) over the flame. The flame actually needs to touch the cardstock. If you hold the cardstock at an angle you will get more coverage, faster. Be especially careful near the edges and corners. They are most apt to catch fire. When the cardstock is covered with soot to your satisfaction stamp the uninked stamp onto it. Press very firmly but do not wiggle. Lift the stamp straight up. Immediately spray the card with a fixative spray. The best method for this is to hold the can a good 12 to 14 inches above your art and start spraying away from the cardstock. Once the stream of spray is coming out evenly move the nozzle toward your card (keep the 12 to 14" distance though). If you don't do this, you'll get little polka dots from the pressure in the can pushing the soot around on the card.

Note: It is very difficult to do this technique on the full front of a card. I recommend that you cover a piece of cardstock with soot, stamp, spray, let dry and then cut out the image and glue it onto another piece of cardstock.

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