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Shaker Card Directions

1-8.5" x 11" sheet cardstock

1 piece clear acetate (window material), lace is also pretty

1/2" Double sided tape (I like Miracle Tape for this, it's thin)

Foam Core (further discussion about foam core)



Confetti, red hots, mini M&Ms, pot pourri, sand, mini sea shells, seeds

Cutter with a very sharp blade

Prepare all pieces in advance: Cut cardstock to size desired for card, fold in half. Cut another piece of cardstock 1/2 the size of the first. This second piece will be the front panel of your card. Stamp, embellish, cut a window out, emboss or anything else you want to do to the card before continuing. Color, paint stamp or otherwise embellish the front side of the folded cardstock (this will be seen through the window). Cut foam core and acetate to exact dimensions of card (acetate should be a little smaller on all sides). Cut a hole in the center of the foam core larger than the window on the front panel. Now you are ready to assemble! Work from the bottom up: Line all 4 edges of the foam core with double sided tape. Carefully stick this onto the folded cardstock. Fill with about 1 teaspoon of shakee shakee (it is important not to overfill). Put another layer of double sided tape around all 4 sides of the card. Carefully put the acetate onto this. Again, put double sided tape around all 4 sides of the card. Carefully stick the front panel of the card to the acetate.

Now sit back and enjoy your creation! It is best to mail these in a padded envelope so that they don’t get damaged in the mail. Also, be sure to weigh it as it may cost more to send (depending on how much you embellished it). Technically the USPO is supposed to charge extra for envelopes over 1/4" thick.