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I make my bookettes differently than most people. The two main things that I do that make mine faster and easier are, 1.) I don't cut out the individual pages. Instead I use a partial book of the smallest size of Post-It notes and 2.) Instead of fussing with wire and hole punching I make my "binding" by using 1" brass hinges.


1 sheet Shrink Plastic cut into 2-4.4" x 5.5" pieces
1-1" Brass Hinge
Heat Tool
Contact Cement
Post-It tablet (smallest size)
Background decorating media (chalks, Fabrico ink, markers, etc.)
Permanent ink for non-porous surfaces (JudiKins or 213 or ZimInk)

face.jpg (22305 bytes)

You can sand the shrink plastic lightly with 300 or higher grit sandpaper (extra fine). This will make the plastic hold the color better. It is especially recommended if you are using chalks. If using colored pencils, sanding is not necessary.

Decorate the background of your front and back covers. Shrink plastic is easiest to cut when before it is heated, so stamp your image using the permanent ink and then cut the image out if desired. When the ink is dry (it will become dull looking) use your heat tool to shrink the pieces (this can also be done in the oven - which gives better results). If you shrink the plastic too fast it will curl in on itself and stick. It is important to heat the piece up before starting to shrink. When the piece has shrunk as far as it will go, and while it is still warm, trim any irregular pieces off and sand to reshape if necessary.

Using the contact cement (follow the directions on the tube), affix the hinge to the front and back covers of the bookette. Use contact cement also to affix the pack of Post-Its to the back of the hinge.

inside.jpg (19141 bytes)

This is the same bookette as is above except now you are looking at it from the inside (opened up). I used clear shrink plastic for this one so you can clearly see the design (which is stamped on the outside) through the front cover.

This picture clearly shows how the hinge is affixed to the front and back covers and how the Post-It notes are inserted.

If you have a technique or sample you'd like to contribute to this site, please email me at

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