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Stampers' Rules
(these rules were compiled by the rubberstamper's email list)

Do not ... do not *ever* heat emboss a Styrofoam cup full of Kool-aid.

Do not ... do not *ever* attempt to dry your hair with your embossing gun.

Rule # 3 but should be #1#......  Never,,,I repeat NEVER  ,,,,,,,when asked to explain to the x-ray tech/cop
at the airport "what is that?"" say heat gun,,,,,,,,,ALWAYS say heat TOOL,,,,,,,,,,THEY,,will rip apart all your carefully packed stamp stuff and pull a gun on you TOO !!!( or act like they were going to anyways),They get
a little JUMPY with the word GUN!!!

Do not...Do not *ever* attempt to swap your kid. (Kid Swap proposed)!

Do not EVER use super glue to glue two teeny tiny pieces of things together and then hold them with your fingers...

Do not expect that just because all the kids are occupied, DH is on the computer writing his paper, and both cats are asleep, that you can REALLY get some stamping done, even on Mother's Day!

Do not *ever* host a swap in which 50 people sign up and are ALL expected to NOT drop... some will... have replacements ready!!!  :-)

When toasting marshmallows with your heat gun make sure you have the Hershey bar out of the way or you have a hard time making your Smore's!

When someone tells you you can use your toaster to emboss, they do NOT mean you can stick your card in there like a piece of bread.

Don't ever stamp on glossy CS with pigment ink and place it on a chair momentarily while you stamp more images and forget that the card is on your chair and, well, you know the rest.

Keep PLENTY of  chocolate at hand for much needed bursts of energy and creativity.

If a friend informs you she is getting married on a convention day, ...well, must I say more???

NEVER miss a convention!! See previous rule!!!

If you have cats, do NOT leave your large pan of EP out...they MAY confuse it for, well, lets just say, EP acts  JUST like clumping litter!!

When using rubber stamps to create tattoos on your kids for dress-up days in camp...DO NOT EMBOSS!!

Embossing powder may LOOK like sugar. Do NOT use it in cereal.

Repeat after me: Stamping is addictive, but breaks for meals and bathrooms are vital. And don't forget the kids!

Money must also be put aside for groceries. If you must, skim some off the stamping budget.

Do not sneeze when you have just sprinkled EP on your card.

Do NOT put the cat's tail through the paper crimper.
But if you DO put the cat's tail through the paper crimper, do not try to emboss the ridges.......

Do not ever let your husband and his army boots near your embossing gun, he will steal it and blow it up using it on his boots!!

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