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Submitted by Laura Atkinson AKA "Sparkle"

January: National "I Didn't Get The Stamps I Wanted For Christmas So I'll Buy Them Now" Month

February: National "February Is A Depressing Month What Can I Buy To Cheer Me Up" Month

March: National "I Don't Have Any Spring Stamps, Need To Buy Some" Month

April: National "I Want To Try Something New, Need To Find Something To Buy" Month

May: National "I Need Some New Catalogs" Month

June: National "Clean The Rubber Room, Guests Are Coming" Month

July: National "I'll Have a BBQ So I Can Stamp Invitations" Month

August: National My Friend's Baby Is Due Next Month I'd Better Make Those 200 Announcements I Promised" Month

September: National "I Can't Wait For the Next Convention, I'll Buy It Now" Month

October: National Save Money for Conventions" Month. 

November: National "Even Though I Spent All My Money At The Conventions I Must Buy This Now" Month 

December: National "Oh My Goodness I'd Better Get My Christmas Cards Done" Month