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Top ten ways to tell you're no longer a stamping newbie.
(Courtesy of Mark and Jodi Hansen)

10 Your stamps out number your friends.
9 Your kids complain about having to hand out pins at school AGAIN.
8 More people call you by your stampin' name than your real name, including your spouse.
7 You're psychotic enough to actually think, "I could make money at this!"
6 You rush out and spend $25 on new embossing powders, pens, and "just the right stamps", so you don't have to buy a $3.50 Hallmark.
5 You spend more time reading stamping listservers, surfing stamping websites, and lurking stamping chatrooms than you do actually stamping.
4  . . . And you still spend more time stamping than you do with your family.
3 Your mailbox has become a shrine that brings local mail carriers on pilgrimages to place candles and meditate.
2 Your child's pirate Halloween costume includes a "tattoo" of that cute little Easter bunny stamp you just got.
1 You're not entirely sure what season it is, much less the month, date or time.