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Carson Convention Photos

Wow, what a trip! We drove down to Carson, hit a stamp sale, went to dinner, went to the convention, then Disneyland, went to another stamp store and then drove home, all in 3 fun filled, exhilarating days! We're all ready to go again!

cckelly.jpg (32413 bytes) Barbara in car

That's me with Kelly (who took us to a favorite stamp
store the day after the convention)

Barbara/Brabra - we were really having
an illegal amount of fun!

Laura and Linda Christine and Leslie

That's Laura/Sparkle (with banana
and Linda/Stampnyama

That's me with Leslie of Radiant Pearls fame!

zettiology.jpg (29622 bytes) Jorge Antonio Marcus Bwana Maria Ghandi De Lapé
Teesha and Tracy Moore at their Zettiology
booth (a very popular place!)
That's George (our driver and good natured
package-carrier for the trip)
diane.jpg (25321 bytes) The Gang

Diane - our French Exchange Stamper

(front l-r) Amy, Linda, a friend of Laura's
(rear l-r) Barbara, Christine, Laura

Laura Trina
Laura Cowen - who was wonderful and had us over for a chicken dinner (and great chocolate desserts!) at her house the night before the convention Trina - SOTM Coordinator on the RST! list.
Doesn't she look exactly like you expect her
too?   (;-)
Darcy  Note-KC Davis and Charlotte were there too but didn't want their pictures taken.

That's Darcy!